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Put That Stuff Down

Discover our awesome products that can help you through your decluttering journey.

Put That Stuff Down

Coping with trauma through a decluttering journey.

Put That Stuff Down presents a powerful journey to find peace of mind, gain healthier time practice, fully enjoy your life into an organized and welcoming home,

and all that to finally cope with your PTSD.

  • Learn and review the fundamentals of what PTSD is.
  • Discover ways to set strong adapted goals and objectives to enable your motivation.
  • Powerful methods will strengthen your mindset to get through PTSD.
  • You will finally break the cycle of depression and find the desires to continue and enjoy life.
  • You will unveil secrets to stop the clutter taking over your life and create decluttering habits.

Value $34.00

Price: $24.97

“Who would think that something as simple as de-cluttering your life, your living space and your mind could help you heal from PTSD? This easy and effective technique is empowering PTSD victims.”
—Barry Spilchuk,
founder of www.TheLEGACY.club and Coauthor of A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul

Put That Stuff Down

Simplify Your Living Space Membership

This training holds the secret for you to let go of piles of stuff which helps you declutter your home and reduce the overwhelming factors coming from your environment.

You will get:

  • 5 hours of video training

  • Decluttering basics guide

  • ​The bedroom workbook

  • The bathroom workbook

  • ​The kitchen workbook

  • and more... 

Value $5,999

Price: $697

“Thank You! I can't wait to watch the recording. A lot of things in here I didn't know. So this is genuinely new to me. Very helpful and informative!”
Store Manager

Put That Stuff Down

Calm Your Mind Masterclass

This masterclass is the secret for you to reduce your negative self-talk which lets you calm your mind, take charge of your own healing and move toward reclaiming your ‘normal’ life. 

This masterclass contains:

  • Over 8 hours of video training

  • Meditation for beginner

  • ​You will Understand the importance of having emotion so that you don't feel numb or disconnected anymore…

  • ​The "Map to Raise Your Emotion" cheat sheet
  • ​Define who you are, so that you can improve your relationship with yourself and others

Value $4,999

Price: $997

“I am more than happy with the course and feel very lucky to have met you. The course is truly great.”

Put That Stuff Down

Insiders Guide To
Discover Free Time

This step-by-step action plan holds the secret to reduce the chaos, accomplish your to do list and discover free time.

  •  2 hours of video training

  • Cheat Sheets

  • ​ and more... 

Value $499

Price: $197

“About time management, that would also help me because it's something that I stress about”
—Catherine Lazure,
Executive Assistant

Put That Stuff Down

Reduce Your Stress Tips, Tricks and Tools

This course holds the secret to reduce your stress to feel more peaceful and normal.

You will get:

  • Over 2 hours of video training

  • ​Cheat Sheets

  • ​and more...

Value $499

Price: $197

“I just did the deep breathing and it definitely help me calm down!! Alarm set for the hours ahead. ”
—Jamie Knox,

Put That Stuff Down


Simplify Your Living Space (5,999.00 Value)

“Calm Your Mind” Masterclass (4,999.00 Value)

Insiders Guide To Discover Free Time
(499.00 Value)

Reduce Your Stress Tips, Tricks & Tools
(499.00 Value)

BONUS #1: The Simplify Your Living Space Decoded
(299.00 Value)

BONUS #2: Your How To Get Started Questions Answered (1,499.00 Value)

Value $13,794

Price: $1,997

“I think anyone can benefit from your program.It helps people organize mind and environment”
—J. D.,
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